The Largest, Most diversified Investment Fund on the Solana Blockchain governed by 5555 Pixelated Pugs
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Phase 1/4
This is the first out of 4 planned phases to our project in a concerted effort to build passive income streams and capital growth focused investments for our loyal holders, so they can spend more time and money on their beloved canine companions
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A diversified investment fund investing in NFT-Crypto-Metaverse Assets in which profits generated will be directed to the $PAWS liquidity pool to maintain token value in terms of USDC/BUSD (supported by Raydium). Holders can claim $PAWS on a periodic basis by staking their Pugs, translating to sustainable passive income.

Fund Allocation: Over 75% of phase 1 mint funds will be spread over Crypto, NFT, safe haven/partnership investments and to generate initial $PAWS liquidity pool. The remaining funds will be used to cover launchpad, operational and additional marketing fees. (More on this on our whitepaper)

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The Team

Nothing Extraordinary, Just a Team of Dog Lovers and Investing Enthusiasts

Pugging Cute

Community Manager

Pugging Epic

Founder and Dev

Pugging Chic

Marketing Manager


IDO Analyst
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Your one stop NFT solution for Crypto-NFT-Metaverese investing and DOGS 
PS. Discord is currently invite-only but willl be open to public every now and then. There might be other ways to get in which will only be announced on our twitter!
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